9 Easy Pancake Recipes For Baby Without Bananas

pancake for baby no banana, without banana

Not all pancakes for a baby or toddlers need to have bananas as an ingredient. If you don’t have bananas at home then don’t fret.

I’ve put together a list of some simple and delicious pancake recipes for baby-led weaning with no banana as an ingredient.

When my youngest was doing baby-led weaning, he couldn’t stand the texture of bananas.

It got to a point where I stopped serving them to him after what seemed like 100 trials with no success. He eventually started to eat them again out of the blue when he turned 1.

I say this because I understand that not everyone likes the taste or texture of bananas. So if your child is like mine you may be looking for some simple pancakes to make that have no banana in the recipe.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of easy pancake recipes you can make without bananas in them.

Let’s get started.

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Pancake Recipes For Babies & Toddlers Without Bananas

mango pancakes, mango pancakes for baby, baby-led weaning, toddlers, BLW
Mango Pancakes for Baby & Toddlers
This delicious pancake is naturally sweet. Banana is not required to make it, even though I added some to the recipe. I only used a banana because it was able to go bad and needed to be used in something
Mango Pancakes for Baby & Toddlers
peanut butter pancake for baby, peanut butter oat pancake for baby
Peanut Butter Oat Pancakes
Simple and delicious, this pancake can be blended in a blender before cooking. You won't even need to use any bowls. The peanut butter in them gives them their naturally sweet taste
Peanut Butter Oat Pancakes
Rasberry pancakes for baby, raspberry pancakes for baby-led weaning, BLW raspberry pancake
Raspberry Pancakes For Baby & Toddler
These pancakes don't require bananas because raspberries are naturally sweet
Raspberry Pancakes For Baby & Toddler
Carrot pancake, baby-led weaning, no egg pancake, baby food, toddler food
Carrot Pancakes for Babies & Toddlers
These pancake relies on the natural sweetness of carrots to give them their flavor
Carrot Pancakes for Babies & Toddlers
blackberry pancake for baby, blackberry pancake for baby no eggs, blw blackberry pancake, blackberry pancake for baby-led weaning
Blackberry Pancakes
These pancakes can be made with or without bananas. I only threw the bananas in there because they were about to go bad.
Blackberry Pancakes
Apple blueberry oat pancake for baby, apple oat pancake for baby, blueberry oat pancake for baby
Apple Blueberry Oat Pancakes
These pancakes are made with rolled oats, berries, and apples. They don't contain bananas
Apple Blueberry Oat Pancakes
Pumpkin pancake for baby, pumpkin recipes for babies, pumpkin pancake for toddlers, pumpkin recipe for fall
Pumpkin Pancakes
These pancakes taste just like pumpkin pie spice. They don't need bananas to make them taste good.
Pumpkin Pancakes
baby-led weaning sweet potato & apple pancake, sweet potato pancake for baby, apple pancake for baby, toddler pancake, baby pancake
Sweet Potato Apple Pancakes
These pancakes rely on the sweet taste of sweet potatoes and apples to give them their flavor. They don't require any bananas to make them taste good
Sweet Potato Apple Pancakes
Blueberry pancakes for baby, baby-led weaning, toddlers, BLW
Easy Blueberry Pancakes
Who needs bananas when you have blueberries? These pancakes are delicious and very easy to make. They're perfect for babies and toddlers
Easy Blueberry Pancakes
baby-led weaning pancake, spinach pancake
Spinach Pancake for Baby
These spinach pancakes are delicious and simple to make. You can either chop them or blend them into the pancake batter.
Spinach Pancake for Baby

Final Word on Pancake Recipes For Baby With No Bananas

Any fruit or vegetable can be used to make pancakes for your baby. You don’t need to add bananas to everything to make them sweet.

I’ve made pancakes with peas, broccoli, spinach, and carrots in the past before. I didn’t need any bananas in the recipe when I made them.

To make the pancake sweeter for your baby or toddler, you can spread some jam or jelly on top. You can also add some maple syrup to the pancake batter when you make them.

That’s my trick for turning anything into pancakes for my kids.

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